🍍 Beyond the mat

Yoga with life. Yoga as life. yoga through life. 


Yoga: Taking it beyond the mat. How can we find OUR Yoga and what can we learn from Yoga?

✑ This is my Yoga.

✑ Breath Yoga. Feel Yoga. Sing Yoga. Dance Yoga. Play Yoga. Love Yoga.

✑ The magic of Yoga and how every moment is beautiful, even in moments when you think you’re less than.

✑ Yoga topic: Thinking too much about where you are not and less about where you are and what you can do to make your practice matter.

✑ Sorrow to Sun Salutation. Pain to Pranayama.

✑ Here and Now. Gentle and Present. Today and Everyday.

✑ Your existence, your soul.

✑ The space between you and the sun…