How it all started


In the summer of 2012 I decided to go study in Florence Italy. There was so much going on and I had just completed my first year of college. I was 17 going on 18, and in my mind, I wanted to “go find myself”.

So, off I went on this trip and met my three roommates that would become good friends as well. Upon arrival I went to my apartment and the four of us went for pizza near the Duomo. It was a lovely night and we all hit it off right away and they were all from Montreal too!

To make a wonderful, but long story short, we all had a great summer together, every single day! It was an absolute blast, with the Euro Cup going on, bar hopping, sightseeing, tours to different cities, cooking class, language class, and most of all, the amounts of food we cooked and ate every day! At that point, I realised that travel was a MUST for me and that I would not wait long before flying away again.

I forgot to mention, however, that I had flown for the first time when I was less than a year old. After this, my family and I went on several holidays to our house in Croatia, as well as in Italy where we toured the countries for a few weeks. Nevertheless, my first “solo” trip to Italy did it for me and it was true love!

Two years later, after finishing college, I went to Croatia, right before my 20th birthday, and promised myself that this was the beginning of a yearly occurrence and I set my mind to travel somewhere every summer. The year after that, I went to California for my 21st birthday, and as a present to myself, I went to Disneyland as well! The following year, I spent almost 6 weeks in Asia and visited China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore (with a day trip to Malaysia), and Bali. It was the best summer of my life so far, and my first proper back packing experience. Read more about my Asia 2016 trip here.

When I got back, I had a serious case of the travel blues and it was a rather rough couple months after that. However, because I had met such amazing people in Asia from all over the world, I planned a winter holiday trip, for a short two and a half weeks and visited my closest friends that I had made and that were not as far as Australia and New Zealand. I went to Ireland, Scotland, and England. To read about this trip and for tips on how to not let the pound weigh you down, read here.

In this new year, things were getting more and more crazy, I was in my last semester in University, I was applying to different law schools and graduate schools, I was planning my move to the UK, and, of course, planning my next trip. In the mean time though, I went back to California in February because the Winter was a bad one this year, in Montreal and my friend and I decided we needed some sun. We decided to also take advantage of the opportunity and visit our good friend who had just moved to Bogotà, Colombia. It was a beautiful, and very enjoyable holiday. Next, that same friend and I decided to set off to Iceland for Spring break and had an amazing time there too. For info about my two small trips in 2017, how to ride the California coast, how to make travelling in Iceland affordable, and other tips, click here.

As you can see, I take off every chance I get and to be honest, I am just growing more and more fond of travelling. So now you know how it all began, evolved, and where I will be headed, if you stay tuned… 🙂

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