Greetings from Ljubljana

Hiya all!

I have not written in a while… Things have been a bit cray on my end…

Some good news to start! I finally got my brand new passport! After having had a temporary one since my time in Paris, at last in Munich, after some effects of this city, and most of all Oktoberfest, I went to the Canadian Consulate to pick up my passport. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was a nice feeling.

On the other hand, the night before that, an ATM machine ate my credit card haha! At this point honestly I just laughed because I found it funny how after all that the past month and a half has been, losing my credit can nor diminish my happiness, nor be as shocking as having my wallet and passport stolen. I had not given it much thought before then. I was simply happy that everything got sorted as quickly and efficiently as it had. But when the machine never gave me back my card and I just walked off thinking, “Oops, I’ll call my bank and have them send one to Ljubljana or something”, I realised that I may very well have learned the balance between protecting my valuable things, and understanding that they are replaceable, while not everything is. Good lesson! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, I am here, in Ljubljana, writing from this cute cafรฉ called Lolita. It’s adorable! Their desserts are out of this world, not expensive, and the Matcha Lattรฉ is worth a try, I promise! The dessert I had was this traditional Slovenian apple compote, with creamy vanilla, and cinnamon. One of the best desserts I have ever had; and I am picky.

The weather is beautiful, as it was yesterday in this beautifully understated and elegant city. The architecture is sweet and charming; the walks along the canal thus being colourful and soothing. There is no shortage of life and spirit in Ljubljana. It’s very much alive, yet so calm and relaxing, making it quite unique in that respect.


Similar to Ljubljana in “feel” was Prague. Though it was more imposing in colour and structure, it was warm, gentle, and inviting. The way the light hit the town at dusk was magical and it felt like a dream. The Autumn decorations and mini-markets were set up and themed in such a way that you were enveloped by the new season rather than thrown into it. Just like Ljubljana, Prague’s population is as polite and inviting as the city. One cheeky little thing Prague had that I took full advantage of, was a sweet cinnamon roll that you could either eat with nothing else added to it, or with Nutella, or other sweet toppings. I had one every day I was there. They were AMAZING. Those rolls are one of my first thoughts when I think back to my time in Prague haha!


Of course, let us not forget Germany in all this. Germany is strong and grand, as many people imagine it to be. Though I was not the biggest fan of Berlin, I did take this free alternative tour and had the opportunity to see a different side of the city. We visited the different street art districts and YAAM where you can meet different artists and musicians that are so-called alternative and who gather there and have insane parties. I am not a big Graffiti or street art enthusiast, but I do like to see the different aspects of any place I visit so the tour was enjoyable. The rest of Berlin was what I preferred, and I did find it rather large, scattered, and overwhelming, but still very aesthetically pleasing.



Munich was my favourite of the two German cities, and no not ONLY because of Oktoberfest… I did really enjoy the city, the variety in architecture, the strength in character, and yes Oktoberfest was an absolute blast!! No, I did not wear the traditional attire, but I was also NOT the only one and to be honest, I would have been pretty keen for the lederhosen…


Amsterdam was, ironically I supposed, quite a cleanse… Though my time in Bruges actually marked my one month of travel, I only actually took the time to sit with that and look back at my whole month properly in Amsterdam. I did quite a bit of writing as well. I found it to be very relaxing and beautiful. It was also a much needed break to regroup and gather my thoughts which is not always easy to do when you are out and about, travelling and meeting people. Though it was quite emotional, what with various factors at play, including my bitter-sweet, yet dream-like time in Bruges.

I have 3 months of travel left in total. I am leaving Europe on the 18th of October and heading for Asia. I want to make sure I take everything in and don’t miss a minute. I already cannot believe how time has flown! We are already in the Fall, folks! I have met some amazing people along the way and experienced some crazy things! Sometimes I find it hard to remember my life before I left, and to imagine a life for myself when I get back to England. I feel like I have just been travelling forever and that it will never end. It’s like I am in a wonderland or something. What a great feeling, honestly.

Similarly, however, I am looking forward to getting back to Southampton to start school and work. I imagine that world fondly as well. I supposed it is a nice state of mind in which to be; that of being pleased with views of the past, the present, and the future. I don’t know how pleased one can be with all of that at once, but for me, it’s the most pleased I have been with all three in my life yet.


Write you soon,


Gen x



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