Your existence, your soul.

I recently fostered an elephant, a giraffe, a chimp, and a dolphin. With different organisations. I get so emotional when dealing with my animal or environmental projects but I find myself to be so attached to them and I have a deep desire and will to do my part for our planet. I promise. It’s a real thing haha! So here is a picture of one of my favourite animals to set the theme! 🙂

Ok, this has been something on my mind for quite some time now. I always think about my life. In fact, even back then, growing up, I felt different. It mattered less. Or, I cared less. I went ages without caring. What I did care about, however, was protecting myself. I always felt that being strong and keeping myself safe was so important. Then, as I got older, I left my cozy bubble a bit and found out so many things I had not noticed before.

Why do I suddenly care what people think? Why do I care about proving them wrong or right? To me, this is a classic case of demystification. A part of my innocence has left and I have to deal with harsh realities. Why? Because I am hyper sensitive and aware. I also tend to be good at just living my life and doing my own thing but when I found that “vibe” to be threatened, I panicked. I did not necessarily respond with meditation and yoga. I actually responded with what I was receiving. I just felt like it’s what I had to do. Like it was what I was expected to do. But why did I do that? I am not that person. I am not caught up in judgment, pain, and disrespect. I am a person who reflects, and who is sensitive, and compassionate. I am not perfect! I have a temper. I can get anxious easily. I can be doubtful, insecure, and afraid. But I am also strong, intelligent, mindful, empathetic, loving, caring, and loyal. I am different. I have something unique to offer to the world. Because I am a human in my won right.

Just like you.

I have my own existence. I am worthy of love and respect. I offer acceptance, tolerance, and love to those I meet because I see them as fellow humans. I choose to focus on the good in my life because I am a happy person and I have worked hard to be wear I am. Most importantly, I have known pain, loss, and depression.  I have known despair. Maybe one day it will come back in a different form but for now this is my life and I will not apologise. Instead, I try to inspire. Even if it is just one person. And most of the time, honestly, I am just sharing because my brain is all over the place and I just want to let it out. I want to just express myself and exist, just like you!

I am sorry if I annoy you or rub you the wrong way. I know that I can be intense. However, I mean no harm and I am just human. My kind of human. And if you had any idea how much I do not mind if you hate me because I genuinely just want you to live your best life you would maybe not judge me so harshly. If you had any idea how much most people are just trying to get by, you wouldn’t judge them so harshly either. I am not saying you are a bad person, I am just saying that we are people. And nowadays, with accessibility and contact to a platform that unites us all and give as all a say, as opposed the untouchability and inaccessibility between each other in the past, it is easy to get caught up in a spiral of judgment. It’s sort of how we identify with ourself and each other. It’s almost like we define our existence and our personality or style based on categories that are pre defined or established in judgment. Fame, unfortunately, has tampered with that. It has made people feel like they do not matter if they do not exist in millions of eyes. Or that they cannot be who they want because they will not have millions backing them up.

My god! Can we all just let go a bit?! Can we all just realise that we are all human, battling through similar things every day. Yes, on one level, we cannot deny that life and our environment are playing out in a certain way. But that is not the only level! There is more! We have been around for longer than we can fathom. We exist beyond measures we can even properly realise. There is so much to which we have no access. I am not saying to forget about our realities and responsibilities. I am merely suggesting that we be more kind to others and ourselves, and the rest with come. Simple living. Remembering what matters. Living a life that goes beyond instant gratification and actually stretches your boundaries and your mind.

Find happiness from within. Find the sort of happy that is not defined by a space you keep outside you but one that you keep inside you. One that IS you. One filled with your strength and wisdom. One that will guide you and keep you safe. One that, at the end of it all, you can feel to your self: “Yeah. You know what? I lived a fulfilling life that was true to me and I respected and did right by myself and others.”

What are your thoughts on all this? I feel like I could go on for ages. Please comment and share! 🙂


Write soon,


Gen x

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