My first response. In honour of two important days, and several of the same questions…

In honour of World Mental Health Day (belated tribute) and International Day of the Girl!

You are not people’s opinions or judgments. You are not even your own opinions or judgments.

Spirits do not reside in that kind of negative energy. They can be damaged by it, temporarily, but they are always there, ready to shine light.

You are not your mistakes or your failures.

You are not the emotions you feel either. If you suffer from mental illness, this does not mean that you are this illness. It is important not to take on what exists around and inside of us, regardless of how much we feel it consumes us. Feel what you need to feel, that’s necessary. Breathe through it, work through it, accept it. But let it go. It is not yours and it is not who you are.

It is not your responsibility to work through other people’s narratives. No matter how much you want to fix the dialogue you share with them. Being silenced or written over, because one does not accept you or see that you exist in your own right, and wants to use you to indulge their fantasy is not a dynamic that is healthy or right. You will fight forever because that is their fuel.

You have to realize that those triggers that urge you to fight are your YESTERDAY.

You inhaling through the moments of strongest resistance is your PRESENT.

You exhaling through all of this with a feeling of calm, forgiveness, compassion, and respect is your FUTURE.

Do not to do them what they do to you. Live for what you believe in with all your might and your dreams will come true, without compromising love and kindness.


Please, if you are in pain or struggling with ANYTHING, speak to someone. You are never alone.


Write soon,


Gen x

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