Memories, like the corners of my mind… or a book, a canvas… or the world.

My travels were soon coming to an end a year ago at this time. I remember being so excited about what I had just done for nearly 5 months and how absolutely over the moon I was about moving to London. It was also during this time that I began the tradition of leaving a book in an airport or in nooks in the city. I would finish a book and feel a bit blue about being away from that world, so I would leave them in my bigger world for someone else to maybe be inspired or find something they needed to read.

I can’t even properly explain how incredible those months were. The best part is how I learned and changed so much for months after. In fact, I think that’s how it works with the best learning experiences; they are so deep and meaningful that their ripple effect goes beyond anything we can even imagine. The good, the bad, and everything in between brings some safety and comfort to me now. It was just real life. It was my life, in that time. It was free, wild, adventurous, sunny, rainy, tempestuous, cloudy, hot, cold, bright, dark, happy, sad, exciting, and even scary at times. It was Monday, it was Sunday. It was Europe, it was Asia. It was the South Pacific, it was the last flight completing my 360 tour. It was tears, it was smiles. It was peace through all the miles…

Now that we are coming to the end of 2018, we are getting to the end of my travel anniversaries. I feel like they are becoming so far away and it makes me sad. The person I was, the people I met, the places I explored, the lessons I learned. I was good. I was doing pretty well, if I’m honest. It was a nice life. A moment in time that will be like no other. A truly magical experience.

Have you ever felt the travel blues? The overwhelming feeling of utter sadness and longing for that feeling that brought you to life in a whole new way so many times. To those moments when it was just you, the new people, the new grounds, and the new days. The miles, the sites, the dawns, the sunsets. My goodness do I regret ever taking a moment for granted or complaining about silly things.

How many times can you fall in love? How many types of love are there? How many ways are there to fall in love? What do we do with this love now? We have memories. We have some things or people that have remained. What about the life? The feeling? What about riding the tide and feeling the wind? What about all that was the earth and fire of my life for so long? My travels had spanned over several months and three seasons which means a myriad of triggers and associations. That it so much to feel! So many memories and “vibes”! I want to have access to all of this again and be part of it. This is mad, considering I wouldn’t want to lose my present moment or the ground upon which I walk now and the path I follow. I’m content now. I have love and peace in my life. Perhaps there is a way to keep this past into my present and create a new harmony.

So I will recognise and bow for these memories and energies that arise and make me tear up with love and gratitude. I suppose I do rather feel this than wonder what I would do without the big moves I make. After all, moving on from one chapter of your life to one that is newer, fuller, wiser, kinder, and more suited for you is the way to peace. I will not be an emotional hoarder!

To those of you travelling out there, enjoy and keep living your best life! Life it to the fullest! May you be safe and at peace.

To those of you living in one place right now, like me, live your best life too! Enjoy what you call home and what makes you feel comfortable. We don’t take enough time to enjoy that with all this talk about travel and adventure. May you be safe and at peace.

May we all feel what we need to feel and dream what we need to dream. Namaste.


Write soon,

Gen x


5 Replies to “Memories, like the corners of my mind… or a book, a canvas… or the world.”

  1. Insightful. Honest. Real life. Only someone who knows how to live in the moment and understand it for all that it means… thank you for sharing this insightful piece

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