The Story of Evealuna

I re-created the idea of Beauty Lagoon! I no longer want it to be just about cosmetics, but rather all about health and wellbeing, for mindful, peaceful living…

Essentially, here it is everyone!

Evealuna –Β Mindful wellbeing, peaceful living…Β 

This portion of Evealuna is dedicated to everything from Yoga and Meditation to Ask Gen, and anything about spiritual and emotional wellbeing. When I start teaching yoga and meditation online, this is where you would be able to enquire and book private or group lessons. We can schedule Skype or FaceTime sessions to go over anything you may need about yoga, meditation, wellness, and of course therapeutic coaching. If you have not checked it out yet, do visitΒ Ask Gen,Β Today on my Yoga mat, andΒ Meditation Monday.Β 

These are the pages most involved in the creation of Evealuna – Mindful Wellbeing – Peaceful Living. Β I love to share meditations and yoga tips with people and express all the joy and peace that these practices bring. It is difficult to explain how deeply I love yoga and meditation, but taking part in one of my guided meditations or yoga classes would be a great place to start! I am over the moon about being able to teach you with my Yoga Teacher Certificate. I hope that I manage to inspire you, at the very least, a fraction of the amount my teachers have inspired me.

Along with all this, Ask Gen will remain open and you can always ask any questions you have! I am here to listen, read, and help anyway I can. Of course sessions in person or via Skype (and similar platforms) are already available so please do not hesitate to contact me! πŸ™‚

10% of your purchase within Beauty Lagoon – Mindful Β will go to the organisation of your choice. For donation options, please contact me directly.Β 


Evealuna – Natural Cosmetics

Treasures of the earth and sea for mindfully organic beauty…

Over the last few years, I have experimented with different ingredients; I have even tried various versions of the same ingredients. I have perfected my formulations and my methods to create an all natural cosmetic line that combines earth and sea. I use herbs for infusions to combine with different oils, butters, milks, types of honey, strong ingredients from the sea, and other active extracts and beneficial ingredients.

I have products that are already made for different skin types and needs. You can find these here: Products

However, what sets me apart is that if there are any products that are not quite what you are looking for, I will do my best to offer help, suggest ingredients, and anything you need to tailor them to you. I will consult you for a more in depth conversation and create a product formulation that targets your needs and contains the ingredients upon which we agree. We will sample until it is perfect for you. You need not look elsewhere, we will tailor the products to you!

* Be careful, however, with this method, because safety certification of the product is necessary for me to sell them legally. Please contact me for different ways in which we can work together to create your ideal products, if need be. Lastly, my products are not fragranced with essential oils, they simply smell like their ingredients which is pretty neutral and yummy. You can also decide if you want to use essential oils and then choose the oils to create the fragrance of your products.

I buy in bulk and do not buy packaging or plastic. Ingredients are all fair trade and safe. No pesticides are used on plants. No fillers or artificial fragrances. Products are served in glass jars and not in plastic. There are vegan options. I can make products with or without preservatives. If I make them with preservatives, I use an EcoCert approved one.

10% of your purchase within this portion of Beauty Lagoon will go to the animal or environment conservation organisation of your choice. For donation options, please contact me directly.Β 


Thank you for reading and welcome to Evealuna- Online Boutique and Studio!


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