United Beings: Meditation of Love and Gratitude for our Earth and People

Happy Monday everyone!

For today’s Monday Meditation I would really like to write about our planet and the people with whom we share it. The earth we walk on is so full of abundance and beauty. And even though bad things happen on this earth, I want to take the time to isolate the earth in and of itself, rather than tying it to disaster and tragedy. I also want to take the time to honour our connection to each other as humans. There will be a portion of an essential meditation further down in this post.

We are all connected!

We are all connected. Have you ever taken the time to properly imagine the fact that we are all living on this earth, breathing our air, experiencing our seasons, and taking in our surroundings. People in Canada, the United States, and South America are doing this. People in England, Germany, Slovakia, France, Switzerland, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Seychelles, China, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Bora Bora, Hawaii, and everywhere. We are all being human the same way. We all need to breath. We all need water. We all need food. We all want to be loved. We all have experiences and existences. We are all part of this story of life. We are tiny drops in the ocean but we are all in this story.

Now, I know this isn’t comforting when we understand the atrocities that take place in our world. I’m aware of the wars, the natural disasters, and crimes. This post is not about that. This is about the fact that when we look at each other as humans, there is a zone where there is no wrong or right.

To respond to what a reader pointed out, I am not saying there is no wrong or right ever and at all. I am simply saying that there exists a place that is neutral and pure, in which a part of our soul resides and if we mindfully reside in there, we can find how love and connection came about in the first place; free of judgment and analysis. As Rumi said: “Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there”.

We are humans. I do believe that if we took more time to focus on what we have in common rather than what we sets us apart, we would be more compassionate. We would be more kind and empathetic. We would judge a whole lot less. After all, we all our inhabiting this earth and for better or for worse, we are walking it together.

What about all of this?

Setting aside intense and terrible cases, and simply looking to each other; the person at the grocery store, the person in front of you who is driving too slowly, the child who does not know where his or her next meal will come from, the old lady who has no one left and spends all her time alone looking back at her life when she was younger and surrounded by friends and family, the student who is trying pay for tuition and bills, the traveller who is wandering and maybe even scared sometimes but has no time to feel it or admit it because they are trying to get around and explore. What about the single mom or dad? What about trauma victims? What about people with special needs or disabilities? And now what about people with the “perfect” life? What about the people who are often quite intimidating? What about all the helpless animals being abused and abandoned? What about the wild animals in zoos? What about the majestic animals roaming around in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, and so on? Now what about selfish or mean people? What about a difficult person which whom we have difficult relationships or interactions? What about people that are easy to judge or criticise? That seems vague doesn’t it? Well that’s one of my points. It’s so easy to do some of the less than kind things we do, but why is it so difficult to be kind?

Nice vs. Mean

I do think it can be easier to be mean. It can be easier to just be annoyed by something and react accordingly. But why don’t we have the same set of judgments for deciding to be kind? I hear a lot of people say that they are only nice once they start to trust the person. I also hear people say that there is no point being kind to stranger because it’S all that work for nothing. Everyone if entitled to their feelings and opinions, that is not what I am saying. However, because I am writing about this I will give my opinion.

I don’t think it is easier to mean or unkind. Of course, I have a short temper for some things. There are things that rub me the wrong way or set me off. Yes, I get triggered! But I instantly feel bad because I don’t understand why I am so upset about this! I am upset because it goes against the way I would do something or the way I think about things. Whether they are small or more significant differences, I try to truly be mindful because reacting. To be honest, a lot of this has become second nature. I do find myself to have a lot more tolerance for certain “shit”. Equally, I find myself more impatient in some areas because I am fed up with redundant hassle. Overall, I think the goal is to understand that these differences with happen and there will be points of resistance that trigger us. This important aim is to reside in patience and grace. Just because someone think or does something, does not mean we have to take it on. We do not have to make anything part of our lives that we feel is negative or toxic.

Love and Kindness (A Portion of the Meditation)

Try to think of all the beings and things you love and that bring up good feelings inside you. Think or the people and animals you love. Think of the things that make you sad because either you or they are hurt. Do starving children make you sad? Do the animals who suffer make you cry? Do you simply get a surge of emotion looking at you child, dog, cat, friend, parent, significant other etc.? GOOD! These are all intense, genuine, and real emotions of compassion, empathy, kindness, and grace. You should be happy about this! This is LOVE. Sit with it. Feel it all. Even if it makes you sad. You need to feel these things and overcome them because they not only make you stronger but they will make you more capable of love. The more love you feel, the more love you can give.Β 

Now move to people who make you feel less emotion. Neutral people. Maybe imagine humans across the world. Try to feel compassion for what they may be going through and feeling. Imagine them being humans navigating through life as you are. Imagine that they have suffered, lost, felt happiness, joy, fear, and a wide range of emotions as well, just like you. They are humans who breath the same air, walk the same earth. We look at the same moon, the same sun, the same sky. Sit with this. Feel this love. The compassion. The empathy. The kindness. Sit with it. Breathe in. Breathe out. As many times as you need to in order to grow this feeling. There you go. You have just multiplied your love. Once again, this is LOVE. And now you have grown and multiplied it. It is stronger and more selfless. It is unconditional. It is pure. Look at all this goodness and love you are capable of.

Humility and Gratitude

Instead of moving to difficult people and relationships, let us bow in humility and gratitude for this earth’s abundance and power that unites us all and that gives us the strength and courage to feel this compassion, empathy, love, and kindness. These elements of purity and harmony that encourage us to be generous and gracious with ourselves and others. Thank you loved ones. Thank the strangers whom have received your love and good intentions. Thank yourself and love yourself for the goodness and love you are capable of offering so genuinely. Feel all of this. Sit with it. Breathe in and out, calmly and mindfully, and reside in the tranquility of love you have made. All the energies are there so embrace you as you embrace yourself others.

(I will be posting the complete Love and Kindness Mediation shortly. I simply wanted us to sit with this for now…)

Happy loving!

Write soon,

Gen x


2 Replies to “United Beings: Meditation of Love and Gratitude for our Earth and People”

  1. Interesting post on love! I must question the idea of “a zone where there is no wrong or right”…wouldn’t mean/hateful be considered “wrong” attitude/behavior and nice/loving be considered “right” attitude/behavior?

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    1. Oh absolutely. I should have referenced this (and I will edit now). I was referring to Rumi’s β€œSomewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there”. I mostly meant to say that before and beyond those things, there is a vital, neutral, and pure being and when we reside in that, we remember our connection and how love came to be between people in the first place. I hope that makes sense. Thank you for your comment. It was intelligently pointed out.

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