A few of my favourite things. Then and now. My words to you. Now and on.

Hello all!

This won’t be about watermelons, biscotti, and coconut milk, don’t worry…

I would like to write about something that I struggled with for a while. I think we all have and still do struggle with this from time to time. As social beings it is only natural. We want to relate to each other, we compare ourselves, we want to fit in, we want to stand out, and all of the fun stuff that comes with being one in 6 billion!

The Inner/Younger You (the eternal you. Your soul)

I tend to look back at a younger me and ask myself if there is anything I would say to her now that I have learned one or two things. Goodness me, how I want to hold her and comfort her. How I want to tell her that being genuine and real is not a bad thing, even if you seem quirky or weird. That being an open book or that talking too much or too fast is not the worst thing. I want to tell her to relax and stay focused. I would be there for her during that bad heartbreak a few years ago and reassure her that she had no idea how amazing life was going to be soon enough. I would leave out the parts that were going to be hard, or perhaps tell her she would be ok through it all. I would tell her that I would always be there for her to love her and never judge her.

Now I am grown. I am so glad that my life went as it did. Through the good and the bad. I cannot go give my younger self advice, but I can tend to that little girl inside me that needs my help sometimes. I can recognise my innermost self. I can see her. I can let her out and nourish her so she can grow. I can give her advice. I can love her and keep her safe. I can protect her from emotional and physical harm.

We all can. We all have this inner self that is eternal. Would you want him or her to be hurt? Wouldn’t you want to protect him/her? Sit with that feeling… Feel the compassion and love.

The You That You Know

Why now can we not do that for yourselves as adults? Why do we have such trouble with that? Why don’t we have the same filters? Why do we tolerate more pain? Yes, of course, part of life is being faced with different obstacles than we do as children but does that mean we should put ourselves in harm’s way? Knowing that part of growing up is knowing how to deal with conflict, or making choices, or deciding what kind of life we want to live, does that not entitle us to some control? Rather than control shall I say mindful intension… Are we not allowed to be safe, happy, and at peace? I say yes. Absolutely. Every human is allowed. Every being should be at peace or at the very least have the freedom to try. So be the person you would have needed when you were younger because you are you now with all the knowledge and life experience that you have. You have that awareness and wisdom to be there for yourself HERE and NOW. So of course go back, hold on to your inner self tight. Inhale. Exhale. Let the memories and feelings flood through you. You are safe now. You are here in breath and breath is always safe. Imagine that first breath you took at birth. Imagine if you could remember it. That breath was so important to you then. It gave you life. Well give yourself life now and give yourself breath. Breathe.







You matter. You are important.

You are safe. You are alive.

Now may you be safe.

May you be happy.

May you be healthy.

May you be at peace.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you this and send you love and light.


Write soon,

Gen x


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