Princess Beauty Treatment (NEW) Naturally Organic and Zero-Waste

I had posted earlier this year about my beauty routine and product list. I have since made a significant change to a zero-waste lifestyle. Those of you who know me, realise how big a deal this actually is because I swore by my beauty treatments. I had done so much research and experimentations, as well as trying SO many products over the years. I have since launched my own indie cosmetic line and changed the way I approach my own wellness. Though it may seem boring, make no mistake! The products are amazing, smells divine, and they are healthy as well as natural. Most of all, I love that I make most of them myself!

I never thought I would make this change but I have. I love it. I am still cheeky from time to time but as I will mention later in the post, my habits have significantly changed. This has been a long time coming and it was an incredibly informative, awakening, and mindful transition. It came so naturally to me and it’s just the way we live now.

Here it is! Don’t forget, it’s all hand-made and I buy every ingredient in bulk by filling my glass bottles or jars. Check out the video at the end to see inside The Source Bulk Foods. Also, read Wellness of the Earth and Sea: A beginnerโ€™s guide to zero-waste living for that fun stuff! Coming up next: The Mindful Home: remedies, recipes, infusions, and moreโ€ฆ

  1. Face Products


  • Zero-waste face and body wash with Geranium and Lavender
  • I also like to experiment with different hand made soap bars I find in cute markets
  • Evealuna Face Cream – Products
  • NEW! Evealuna Face mask with clay, activated charcoal, pumpkin seed oil, silica, and extracts of algae and carrot
  • Milk, Honey, and Oats fine Sea Salt Face Scrub

    2. Body Products 

  • Same as my face cleansing milk.
  • I’ll usually use the same soap bar as I’m using on my face
  • Evealuna Body Lotion and Butter – Products
  • Milk, Honey, and Oats Sea Salt Body Scrub

3. Hair Products 


  • Zero-waste Shampoo with Jojoba
  • I am still using the same hair cream as I am still looking for an alternative.

 4. Other

  • Natural toothpaste from the Plastic Free Shop
  • Natural deodorant from the Plastic Free Shop
  • Home-made charcoal whitening paste (experimental phase)
  • Home-made sugar wax for hair removal (you don’t need strips!) (experimental phase)
  • Any bath involving soaking in Himalayan salts and essential oils is indispensable to me ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Household


  • I bring my bottles to The Source Bulk Foods to also fill up on laundry detergent and conditioner
  • I do the same with with vinegar and olive oil
  • I use jars for coconut oil because it can harden and be difficult to dispense. Also, depending what I am making, I want it solidified. A similar approach to the honey I buy. I use jars for that as well.
  • I use bottles for cleaning liquids of any kind.
  • I also buy tiny jars for on the spot mixing and using. ex: toothpaste, whitening paste and so on.
  • You can get everything there from soap bars, food, and teas, to coconut bowls, bamboo utensils, and bamboo toothbrushes. AND MORE, of course!


The beauty tips from Princess Beauty Treatment still apply and so does the quality and benefits of those products. However, I limit any use of those products to the occasional spa treatment, if it was a gift, or if I am still finishing a bottle (because no waste!). In these cases, yes I am using plastic but I’m not perfect and for now if I can wrap one arm around my yearly plastic consumption, I am happy for a first year.

Lastly, I will be posting for detailed formulations and recipes, as well as different home remedies and treatments. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy living!

Write soon,

Gen x


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