ANNOUNCEMENT! Beauty Lagoon has expanded and changed. Science meets nature to create a whole space of health and wellness…VIDEO BELOW!






Hello everyone!

Beauty Lagoon is growing and is no longer limited to my initial niche. It was time for an expansion and slight game change. After a lot of dreaming, thinking, working, and planning, I have decided to expand the idea of my business from Beauty Lagoon – Natural Cosmetics to a space that incorporates other meaningful concepts from here on Everything Yoga, Everywhere Yoga.

Evealuna– Mindful wellbeing, peaceful living…

Yes that’s right! From now on, anything to do with Yoga, Meditation, Ask Gen, Wellness Wednesday,Β and of course my cosmetics will be Evealuna.Β Follow my journey through full Yoga Teacher certification, meditation coaching, my indie beauty line, and anything to do with advice and coaching. As this grows and blossoms, I want to create a real go-to space for everythingΒ wellbeing, everywhere you are; a sub-branch of the overall idea of Everything Yoga, Everywhere Yoga.Β 

Check outΒ The Story of EvealunaΒ andΒ Evealuna – Natural Cosmetics!

I want to help and inspire whoever needs it, the way I have often needed it, (and by the grace of all that is real and good in this world), found it, and even now, evolve with it. Β  Β  Β  I have even managed to find a certain peace, and I navigate through life maintaining more of a balance.

There are many examples of who I am on this blog. I am an open book and quite honest. I’ll answer any question you have. I love to help people and truly take the time to care.

As it stands




Everything Yoga, Everywhere YogaΒ – wandering the mind and world…

Evealuna–  Mindful wellbeing, peaceful living…Β 

Pages: Ask Gen, Meditation Monday, Today on my Yoga Mat

Evealuna – Natural CosmeticsΒ –Β Treasures of the earth and sea for mindfully organic beauty…

Page: Wellbeing WednesdayΒ 

BONUS: 10% of proceeds go to charity!Β 

(Please read carefully as there are some important and slightly more serious notes here!)


Important! I want to mention that the products I advertise on my blog are already formulated, certified, and sold as such. This is essential because I need to be sure of the stability and quality of the product when I sell it.

When I make a products for you, and there is ANY alteration from the original formulation, there is an extra certification that is necessary. This is not because I don’t know what I am doing, it is simply the law. There is also an additional safety test that is required when selling cosmetics in the EU. Please contact for details on tailored product options and safety rules. My audience and client list has grown and I need to adapt and act accordingly.

Additionally, I want to clarify that the recipes I shared on my blog are not made for you to sell! This is not because they are wrong. I have used products like that on myself and still do. However, without proper testing and certification of YOUR OWN products, you are selling products that could be unstable, erroneous, and unsafe. Please enjoy the recipes I provide, but abide by the law and be careful. Especially with products containing water. That includes anything you would incorporate in your water phase.


All content on Β Everything Yoga, Everywhere Yoga,Β Evealuna – Mindful wellbeing, peaceful living…,Β is created by me, unless otherwise stated. This applies especially to my formulations. The products from Evealuna – Natural Cosmetics are my work of cosmetic fabrication.Β Also, the ingredients are trusted and natural. I mark down all the ingredients I use and I am 100% honest about everything involved in my cosmetic work. This applies to all that I do. Any classes, sessions, or workshops I offer are safe and trusted as well. In fact, I make referrals when I have to. That’s all part of it.

To those asking:

If I do decide to properly grow my EveaB, I will cross that bridge when I get there and do what needs to be done, legally, without compromising my integrity and commitment to natural and organic beauty, as well as mindful and healthy living. Equally, if I do set up a proper brand, I will deal with all of that. However, for now, this is my small indie business, no matter how much income it brings. Plenty of people make a living with their indie business. I did it all throughout my undergrad in Canada. I am doing something similar now. I want to expand and utilise the best platforms to grow and share with others. Please be patient with me. I just want the business to be simple, healthy, and helpful. It is meant to support and inspire.

Write soon,

Gen x






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