Choosing your yoga mat: A sacred place…

My boyfriend caught me starting up my practice on my new mat recently and decided to take a photo. As I normally do when he has these kinds of moments, I enjoy the photo and it reminded me of the trip we took to Croatia this Summer, (because he always did this). Now, before you tell yourself that my post will be boring because a yoga mat is just a yoga mat, please hear me out.

Once upon a time, I was heart broken. I was discouraged. I was just broken. I was hurt, ashamed, embarrassed, alone, wronged, depressed, and had nothing that could bring me out of my depths of my despair.

Then, I somehow discovered yoga and meditation.

I had been looking for something I could do. Something I could get into that I could believe in and that could make me feel again. Then, I discovered Yoga and Meditation.

I can’t even tell you how many times I would wake up in the morning absolutely broken and would do my little beginner yoga practice and think: “well, at least I’m living for something.”

The smell of my mat every morning became the only comfort I knew and the only thing I recognised that helped me make sense of my existence and my life. It was what I clung to and what I worked toward to get out of my depression.

Read more about my journey here: How Yoga and Meditation Saved Me

Skipping all that, I want to jump in to the topic of the yoga mat. Your yoga mat is your space. It’s YOUR moment where breath is all that matters. Where your movements and thoughts are your meditation and are the representation of where you are in your life. Now, of course these things exist outside your mat but, I always find that time spent on your mat is time spent on a date with yourself. I always found it so meaningful and sacred. I don’t even walk on my mat unless I am using it. As in, if I leave it out and I am walking around, I never walk on it. My boyfriend also knows not to walk on it. In fact, he even said to me once: “Genny, this mat seems to make you so happy and peaceful. It brings out who you are in ways I cannot do because it is based on a journey that has existed long before we met. I would never want to walk on that.”

The point is, a yoga mat is magical. It is meaningful. It is spiritual and everything-full. This may not apply to everyone but to me, it is.

Now, about finding your mat.

I like to go for mats that have great traction, a mild scent, and that feel good to me. I do not want slip-slide mats, nor do I want mats that smell like rubber for ages. I also like to find a mat that contributes to the world that allows me to have it as much as it contributes to the world in which I am able to enjoy it.

Jade Yoga Mats plant one tree for every mat sold.

My new mat is actually an Eco-mat and is biodegradable. It has fantastic grip and smells natural and mild. It is great for any practice: yoga studio, at home, restorative, Vinyasa, you name it. It’s the EcoYoga Jute Mat. I got it from YogaMatters. The store by which I swear for all things Yoga. Once of them anyway. It was 42 GBP.

Otherwise Jade Yoga is great. But please visit Yoga Matters for everything to do with Yoga and Meditation. They have great accessories, jewellery, and books. I love them!




This is a short post. Enjoy and happy yoga!


Write soon,


Gen x

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