The Mindful Home Continued

Hello everyone!


I have been writing a lot about the home, the environment, and how we can contribute to the health and wellness of our lives through the various aspects of our lives.

We discussed Wellness of the Earth and Sea: A beginner’s guide to zero-waste living.

I also posted about The Mindful Home: remedies, recipes, infusions, and more…

And now, I want to share how I am doing with my journey on this home front.

Those of you who know me personally, know that I am very organised. Though some have called me OCD, I really am just organised and mindful with my surroundings. I could not qualify it in such detail in the past, but I can now! Always an important thing to keep in mind, is re-evaluating how you label yourself, regardless who or what the source was. So, I’ve observed that I am quite the minimalist, of sorts. My boyfriend and I had a storage space when we were moving and had a temporary place and we rented the smallest unit available. We were able to fit all our belongings in that unit. Even though I have about 3 X more things than he does lol! Granted, I moved to England and left all my books and academic journals back home, but there was enough space left in the unit to fit at least half of those πŸ˜‰

When we unpacked in our new flat, I knew where everything would go. I had it all mapped out in my head because everything had a PURPOSE and a PLACE. I don’t leave odds and ends lying around. I don’t collect things just for fun. Anything I “collect” is from travels and has deep meaning to me. I mostly collect seashells. I don’t misplace things, or forget where I put them. I know everything I have and I know WHY I have them.

In fact, if I spend money on something useless, I not only feel it is a waste of money, which I am very strict with myself about, but it is a waste of space. I find it mindless. It’s not a bad thing, and I suppose it’s all relative, but I genuinely believe 100% of what we have in our flat is purposeful and intended. Even that little section of collection pieces on the drawer tower. Each thing has carried meaning for ages and always had a similar place in my different living spaces. They are always placed together as my “sentimental travel display”, if you will lol… That being said, I want to share what I think about and feel that allows me to live as I do.

  1. I love to window shop. I love to walk around shops and consider that I can buy whatever I want, then finish my rounds, and realise how little of it I actually need, and then go home with the peace of mind that I saved all that money, and in most cases, bought nothing because, I have everything I need! It may seem counter-intuitive but I always find it works. Lay all your desires and thoughts on the table, and by process of elimination, you are doing a clean-up and mindful shopping spree.
  2. I am frugal and I dislike wasting money. I don’t care how much money people have, being frugal is an essential component to maintaining your peace of mind and your financial stability. I am careful. Sure, I “treat myself” sometimes, but that is a different thing. I simply do not buy things for nothing. Most of all, I really don’t like seeing useless things in my home that I could do without. It doesn’t induce anxiety or anything, don’t worry! I just don’t like it. Similarly, I never download apps on my phone for no reason, or have a much of emails and unread messages on my devices. I just like to face things, and take care of them. Simple.
  3. I do a “home inventory”. I don’t buy things just because it’s new, exciting, or seems different. I have a couple select house cleaners I use, and that’s it. I have a select few cosmetics that I make myself, and a couple I buy, and that’s all. There is no collection of any kind. Once again, everything is bought for a purpose and goal. For example, I have floor clean, surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, laundry liquid, fabric conditioner, washing up liquid, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face cream, body lotion, body butter, hair cream. That’s not every single thing I use, but just about. You get the idea. Best part? I buy all these zero-waste! That’s right, I re-fill jars, bottles, etc. and it is all zero-waste! (Including the products I make myself)
  4. I live a pretty zero-waste lifestyle. Now this doesn’t have to do with being organised or anything but I am writing about the mindful home, and this qualifies! See the picture below for an idea on most of my bulk products. I get nearly everything in bulk; I love it! I fill mason jars, containers, bottles, and so on with all my bulk needs. Example, pasta, rice, pop-corn (not popped yet of course), trail mix, snacks, seeds, nuts, oats, musli, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, peanut butter, salt, pepper, herbs, teas, different cosmetic ingredients, and many more. I used recycled toilet roll, paper towel, and biodegradable Q-tips. My washing sponges and scrapers are also biodegradable.
  5. I go to the farmer’s market for fruits, veggies, eggs, and bread. Zero-waste, fresh, and so much cheaper! I love coming home and putting all these fresh veggies and fruits in my fridge. The eggs, are great too and you can return the carton and have the merchant fill it with eggs. I love it! The bread is so much better as well. Equally, you can go to a good bakery and get the bread fresh, without being wrapped in plastic. You can also get compost bags when you buy the produce and use it to compost anything you can’t use in your food. That’s what we do πŸ™‚




To sum up, make sure that you are mindful. I will help you organise and cleanse your home, which will have the same effect on your life. You will feel the difference once your environment is healthy and mindfully cared for. Also, shopping zero-waste really makes you consider what you need and what you don’t need. You start to realise how well you can live by slowing down a bit. I know many families who do the same so it’s not just because we are only two. Once you start living this way, keeping in mind all the ways in which you can reduce waste and “stuff”, you will never want to go back and lose the feeling of peace and freedom. Trust me.

For the record, I am saying all this, but my boyfriend Tomas is minimalist because he always has been. He’s just a simple guy (in that way ONLY) and it is a lot more straight forward for him. But when has that stopped me from dazzling things up for you! πŸ™‚


Happy living!


Write soon,

Gen x

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      1. It is a very good article, simple clear… Mindfulness does not come easily in our world today. Sooo many distractions, social media, and the list goes on.

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