Like the many cities that have stolen my heart, so have my different interests. I can’t be everywhere at once, so I changed my definition of “the right path”.

Hello and thank you for reading!

As you may have figured out by now, I don’t like hearing people judge others. Especially when it’s for changing their minds about their career choices or study paths. That’s one of the judgments that get to me. I don’t even know why it’s a point of discussion. To me, it’s as matter-of-fact as someone getting a hair cut. If anything, the more you explore (in which ever way you can), the more you know. The more you understand. The more well-rounded you are. So long as it make you the best version of you! Here is a small summary of my way of going about things, and I hope it inspires you to redefine your pre-conceived construct. I hope you can tap into all of your passions and make your life one of meaning. xx


I have always explored different aspects of life and taken on various projects. Even at the age of 5, my parents had me in several activities. That’s just the way it was. Then with school and work I found I was unsure sometimes; moving back and forth from ideas. Even the things I was sure about evolved and held different levels of priority in my life, depending on my situation or my plan at a given time. I did what I had to do when I had to do it.

I moved to London a year ago, actually. I had planned on moving here to do my Master’s in Psychology and Criminology in Southampton but then decided to attend Law School in London. I remember when the moment came and I thought to myself “oh my goodness! I’ll be living in London!”. After my GDL (conversion course that is for about 9-12 months), I realised that being a lawyer was not what I wanted. It was a tough decision because I love Law, but I love balance more. And for me, a career in Law would not allow time for what I love most.

I then started my Master’s in Brand Strategy/Management and Business Law. I would like to go on and complete my Master’s in Psychology after this. In fact, I remember when I was travelling last year, I was so torn between the three stated fields. I could not decide. But I thought the legal and corporate world would be more promising. They were so interesting and I felt such a rush during my research hours and then my studies. They were great and lead me to starting a new career path. I am happy with my job. In fact, I find that my legal and corporate sides set a good foundation in enhancing the creative and healthy living sides of me. That’s been my wiggle to find my balance. I am eager to see how they evolve together. 


My dissertation from my GDL and my new programme overlapped slightly which was extremely taxing but it is what it is. Upon successful completion of the Law programme, I finally shared the news with friends and family. This came as a shock because they all thought I just switched without finishing… Surprise, lol! That was fun news to share because honestly, it was such an intense time, that when all was said and done, it was one of the greatest feelings. Now, my boyfriend and I have new jobs, a new flat, and are starting a new year. It’s a busy life, but it is well-rounded, balanced (as much as possible), and fulfilling. It’s good enough for us. 🙂


My take-aways: 

    1. Multiple sources of interest and fulfilment are just as important as multiple sources of income, if not more!
    1. Until I was about 20, I had a list of about 10 hobbies and projects aside from work and school. It is who I am. I love being active and involved!
    1. Today, I have job, a blog, an indie health and wellness business (both of which incorporate several aspects, to be fair), a couple hobbies, as well as my studies and trainings. All of which are related in some way.
    1. It’s only impossible if you don’t do it! 
    1. My academic life has been nothing if not exciting, challenging, and full of passions. I have a double major in Art History and Psychology. More specifically:
    • Major in Art History – final dissertation in Structural Analysis in Architecture and Psychoanalytic Theory/Philosophy of Aesthetic
    • Major in Psychology – final dissertation in Clinical and Forensic Psychology with profiling and diagnosing as well as dealing with victims of trauma. I went to Law School then started doing my Master’s
    • I am additionally taking my Life and Health Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy training as well as my Yoga Teacher Training.
    • The next project this year will be a Master’s in Clinical and Counselling Psychology, for which I am very excited!


In the end…

I don’t really change my mind. I simply choose what to focus on at a given moment in order to build my life the way I need it, so it can be the best for me. To be honest, I find great comfort and pleasure in never staying in one place, so to speak. I never consider something finished or sorted. It is ever-changing, eternal, unpredictable. I love it!

At the end of the day, I did what I needed to do. I followed through on the things that mattered most and devoted myself to what I needed to at the moment in time. I set out to do what I said, even some things that came up along the way. That’s what we all aim to do. One thing is for sure, I rather wiggle around and explore than miss out on anything. In the end, it all comes together. Even a mess eventually comes together, but at least I had a heck of a ride along the way!


Happy Living!


Write soon,

Gen x


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