Yoga topic: Thinking too much about where you are not and less about where you are and what you can do to make your practice matter.

Hello all!

I have not written in a while… I had a big project to hand in for my Master’s and I am working of course, on my job and my business, and the rest of the time, I try to focus on my other passions and hobbies. I should have given more attention to writing here. It is such a big part of my life actually. Sharing my daily thoughts, or events, and most importantly, what happens on my yoga mat. I will definitely be writing more about that now that I am full swing in my Yoga Teacher Training.

So first of all hello and I am sending you all warm and kind greetings! Secondly, I’d like to say that this is a topic that I work a lot with and that I believe many do as well. Yoga practice is called “practice” for a reason; we are never done learning and growing.


As a trainee teacher I find it difficult to watch people torture themselves with criticism and guilt. They are so hard on themselves about where they feel they should be and where they feel they are not. What a luxury it is to be able to be so picky… What a privilege it is to be able to complain about HOW much we can or cannot do when we are so blessed to even enter that narrative. We have fully functioning limbs. We are healthy. We can complain about how much or how little. Now, I am not saying we should not work on improving and evolving in our practice and in our existence, but I am saying that putting things in perspective is the first step. Not only in being mindful and grateful, but in being able to let go, focus on our own story, and just let go…

Letting go…Β 

Many people have trouble with this one. I too struggle with giving in to certain poses. I think we all do. Inversions especially activate my parasympathetic nervous system and trigger my “fight or flight” mode. I can my toes clenching my matt, my muscles tightening, and myself retreating form a pose I was moving forward in before I panicked. This sometimes is a minor occurrence, but nevertheless is significant.

LET GO! Breathe… Yoga is based on breath and not the other way around. We do yoga, and other forms of physical exercise to challenge breath. The goal with every yogic practice, or physical practice, or even existence, is to maintain, understand, and nurture breath.

When you run, you find a flow based on your breath. When you swim you keep on thanks to your breath. When you dive or snorkel you are experiencing the gift of breath as you manage to bring it with you in a different environment. Breath is always with you and is in and of itself, a yogic practice. Challenging ourselves with asanas is to make it harder for us to connect and manage our breath. But breath will always win so we need to harness that energy and power; this will make is great yogis, athletes, and most of all humans. Breath is at the source of it all. We cannot live without it. Literally, it’s everything.

So, let go… give in to breath. Trust in breath. Feel breath. Live breath.Β 


Not comparing.

It is very easy for us to compare ourselves, either to what others are or what we were, or worse yet, where we feel we should be. Why do we torture ourselves this way? Each moment, each sate, is unique to our tapestry… I know it’s nice to think that you can do something easily or fall into a pose naturally, but they won’t all be that way. Everyone struggles and is learning and growing. And STOP! I know what you’re thinking: But so many more are hard for me than for others. They find so many things easy that I find difficult; they are so ahead. NO! It is not a race. It is not about comparing. That is their world, you have yours. Similarly, you might find it easier to stay cal in stressful situations. Or you may find it hard to not get heated during an argument with a loved one but someone else has learned to manage that reaction. We seem to be so forgiving about some things but so harsh about others. Many are so ok with being temperamental or judgmental or irritable or abusive. Yet, they cannot stand that they are less flexible than another… Without getting into this topic too much, let me say, in a nutshell, that there is no difference! Our progress as humans is unique and only we know our narrative, story, and purpose. Only we can live our truths and we MUST.

Conclusion, live your life. Live your truth. Everyone has their own journey and this is yours! Only you know the WHYs, the HOWs, and the WHATs. If we start comparing with yoga, which is probably one of the most intimate practices, then here do we stop? There is no limit to how we can damage ourselves. SLOW DOWN! Breathe…

Breathe… Breathe… Breathe…Β 

Your life, your practice, your Yoga.Β 

Yoga is to still your mind. It’s about focus, love, and breath. This means that everything is yoga. Grace, forgiveness, control, mindfulness, peace, ground, balance, tranquility, serenity, and breathe… are all Yoga. yoga is life. Which means that every other aspect of life will want to join. All the negative and dark stuff. But you are Yoga, you are breath, and you will not let that be your life. You will focus on breath and cultivate peace. One asana at a time and one hardship at a time. Most of all, one breath at a time. Realise LIFE.


Namaste and happy living!


Write soon,

Gen x

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