The magic of Yoga and how every moment is beautiful, even in moments when you think you’re lesser than…

Let’s explore this further!

Yoga signifies the stilling of the mind. Or rather, the restraint of the fluctuations of the mind. It is believed that if you can control breath, you can control your life. After, your breath is the most important, followed by water, and then food. Your breath is everything. Yoga is everything, to me. Because yoga is breath and breathing can be yoga. You can do Yoga without moving. That’s right! You don’t have to be flexible, or physically strong, or be fluent in Sanskrit, or anything like that, to do Yoga.

Yoga is so much more than what we tend to think. When I first discovered Yoga i did not even care what I looked like, as long as I my poses were aligned, mindful, and that I was steadying my breath. In time, i started looking at how I looked and comparing myself. This is where my Yoga suffers, and so did I. I didn’t look like the girl in the pictures I saw and couldn’T do what those people could. But when had my yoga practice become about that? When did this practice that had brought me back to life become about putting me down and brining myself back to a place of self-doubt, criticism, judgment, and discouragement? It wouldn’t. It couldn’t.

To this day, I am not the most flexible person, nor am I the strongest! Some days my body can do “more” things, and other days I feel more “limited”. But as soon as I think this way, I immediately feel silly because these are not words that I should be using in my practice. I am not “more” or “less”, “limited” or “free”. I am me. This is my body. Today. Now. My breath is constant until it is no more. Yoga is constant until I can’t anymore. Everything until then is life, and I am not going to define each moment of life; I will live it.

Happy and blessed living!


Write soon,

Gen x

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