The importance of internal work versus external appearance in Yoga: The Bandhas and their others.

Hello hello! Here is my post for “Today on my Yoga Mat”. Sadly, although I practice nearly 200 hours of Yoga per month, I feel like that is not much compared to a lot of people. The same way the poses I can do now, may not be as “impressive” as the poses others can do. I always remember, however, how far I have come. How hard have I worked? How much more aware and engaged am I? With this, how much more mobility, and in some cases, how much more flexibility do I have?

The most important part in all of this is, how much more AWARE and ENGAGED am I? Many people can come into any given pose very easily because they have hyper mobility, or they are very flexible; that is great! However, in Yoga, we are talking about awareness, engagement, flow, energy, Bandhas, Chakra, emotions, strength, balance, and so on. Someone may look as though they are doing nothing but they are engaging and working harder than anyone else; aware of Bandhas, a mindful intention, and steady breath. Meanwhile, another can fall into a pose, engaging nothing, aware of nothing, thinking of nothing, and not really completing a Yoga Practice, to be honest.

The take-away from today? FEEL. ENGAGE. RESIDE IN. EXIST.

The less you focus on external visuals, the more you can focus on internal advancements and realisations. the more you create your own harmony between breath, Bandhas (energy lock), Drishti (focal point), and your breath. More to the point, with this, comes the actual glory of your existence, your energy, and your power. This does not mean that you do not focus and work on your alignment and strength. It just means that on top of your active work on alignment, strength, and deepening of the pose, you are FULLY aware and in command of BREATH, and you are residing in the tranquility, that will allow you to marry Breath, Bandhas, Drishti, and your Spirit, to create that ground, centre, and balance.

So FEEL your Yoga. LIVE your Yoga. EXIST your Yoga.

Happy and blessed living!


Write soon,

Gen x



16 Replies to “The importance of internal work versus external appearance in Yoga: The Bandhas and their others.”

  1. omg this is so true. so many of my girlfriends just come to yoga because they wanna tone their abs or have smaller arms.. it’s really all about aligning your spirit, becoming one with your breath, and just learning to incorporate mindfulness in everything you do. thank you for this ❀

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    1. Thank YOU for your feedback. I agree. For many, it’s a work out for the β€œyoga butt” or what have you. That’s fine. But I’m with you on the fact that it is so much more! Thank you so much for connecting. πŸ™πŸ»

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  2. I totally agree!!! The internal work is the essence of yoga, the spectacular poses are gymnastics…. My teacher in the training even told us that sometimes the less spectacular version of Γ  pose is the most efficient… Thank you for your article, girl!!! It helps to resist to the instagram yoga world

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