Village Fairytale

A Village Fairytale… It’s been a long time coming…

I wanted to share this happy story with you guys and also celebrate the time that has gone and left room for more to come. I hope you enjoy! πŸ™‚

Here is the story of not only me and my partner, but me and my city: London. I want to recognise and give thanks to a time in my life that really helped shape who I am and where I am today. As I like to think that every year has a good effect on me, the last couple years have been particularly special…

Once Upon a Time…

I moved to London in time to ring in the new year on December 29th, 2017. I remember I had been planning it for so long, so much going on in my head, so many expectations, fears, excitements, worries, and of course a lot of impatience. I can’t really explain why I chose England, I was just drawn to it, and it was full of possibility for me. I was smitten. As many of you know by now, I traveled for several months before settling in London and had not originally planned on moving to the big city! I was going to live in the south coast of England but all of a sudden, by the grace of good fortune and fate, I found myself in London, England!

My First Job…Β 

I decided to get my first job sorted out before arriving to England so I had been looking for a while. I wanted to save up enough to put myself through my Law school and also be able to eat…lol. In the end, I found this company that helps ex pats on their journey moving to another country. There is a strong pub culture in the UK, as you may know, but more importantly, there is a culture of live-in positions that is a great way for students or expats (or anyone!) to get the best of both worlds. Honestly, SO many people do it! Especially when they want to build something either within that or outside that field. Did you know that most GMs of a pub (usually including a restaurant and hotel in that) live in the building? Yeah, that’s right. It’s perfectly normal and acceptable to have that. They get paid great salaries and they don’t pay rent! Especially big companies like Young’s, which is where Tomas and I worked. It was a Young’s pub with a restaurant and hotel. Quite posh, and not cheap, close to the Wimbledon Stadium and right in the heart of lovely Wimbledon Village. It’s a lot more common than people think! You get to meet people, socialise, and have a good time, but you also get a job, housing, and reduced bills! Amazing, right?

Every agreement is different but mine was such that my bills were automatically deducted from my weekly pay and I was able to save loads of money and even start Law school earlier than planned. It was honestly a great time. I had been placed in the adorable and charming village of Wimbledon. It was everything I wanted and needed. The best part was that I met Tomas, my boyfriend. I got off the bus in Wimbledon Village with my suitcase and my nerves, walking into what would be my home for 9 months and there he stood. He took my bags and brought it all upstairs. I had no idea he would end up being my love. He was actually a Manager. It was not long before I had a group of friends, regular outings, and a best friend in Tomas. Shortly thereafter, we became a couple. It having not been anything I had planned or even thought to be possible, you can imagine how happy we both were. We just fit so perfectly. Just like me and Wimbledon Village had matched and been compatible as soon as we connected, so did me and Tomas. It was honestly one of the happiest times of my life. This went on for months, and we were having a blast. I was studying late at night, and everyone knew when I had exams or a paper due, and they would cheer for me… I was never alone, unless I wanted to be and I would go to our flat building and hang out in my room. Honestly, it was lovely. Then Wimbledon Tennis time came and the World Cup and that magic multiplied and exploded and created a summer to remember.

The wonder it did for my academia, my business, and my existence!Β 

As I mentioned, I was able to focus my energy on school. MY job was not one that got in my way. I quickly got into a routine where I worked and studied loads, which was not new territory! It was a fun vibe and it was a true change from from running a business during my undergrad and always running around for work! Don’t get me wrong, they were great times and I loved my work, but this was nice as well…;)

Anyway, so I worked and studied until I finished my GDL. This is a Graduate Diploma of Law which is a conversion course for graduates from others field to transition to Law. Successful completion of this course allows yo to go train for your Bar or LPC. I finished it in the minimum time (because, why make my life easier on myself? lol). Then I started my Master’s. This course load was lighter so I had time for different projects and extra courses. That’s when I dod some CBT training and extra graduate psychology courses. Most of all, it’s when I stared my business. I was able to focus my energy on that and really make it something that I am so happy about now. It has grown quite a bit since then and I have managed to create quite a nice little indie health and wellness cocoon. Stay tuned for more updates on that btw! πŸ™‚

Essentially, these 9 months allowed for some of the best changes I have ever made in my life and some of the bigger accomplishments of my life, so far. Let’s not forget, my awesome and handsome boyfriend, who is so supportive and patient with me as I zoom around with all my thoughts all day, juggling projects and all! Bless him.

But then…

Unfortunately, our boss was very difficult and unpleasant. I had been warned but did not know how bad she could be until it happened. That was the main downside to all of this. It was difficult to live with her, but when we look back, we barely think of her. We simply think of our amazing friends, and our happy times. Every time we go back, it just feels so nice, but without the stress of having to live in the same building as our mean boss… Though she had lovely moments, she was quite the character, and was know in the village to be that way.

In the end, Tomas and I moved on to other things…

It had been the plan all along, but we moved a few months earlier than planned. I got the job that I have now, which I love. Tomas became a Manager of the restaurant whose owner had been a business partner. This man owned another restaurant for which Tomas had been a GM and shareholder. It was nice for him to reconnect with old friends as well. Tomas actually loves that sort of work. He enjoys meeting people, socialising, and managing such a place and watching the dynamic and powerful culture and business come together. To be fair, putting aside the hard times I had in hospitality, it really is quite fun! I was a supervisor where I used to work but still had to do all the day-to-day jobs. Tomas was actually able to just hang out, run the place, and sometimes help out because he didn’t want to leave us hanging when it got rough and busy.

Then, I spent October in Canada, and when I got back, we got ourselves an AirBnb for a month just to take our time and find the right place in London. Not easy by the way! So take your time! Be patient! (to whomever is considering it or going through it.) We finally moved on December 1st, to an adorable village right outside Richmond. In fact, when you walk for 10 minutes by the River, you enter Richmond. The village of Isleworth.

Now Tomas has a new job. He used to work in Corporate Finance and had also been a stockbroker, but took a break from that after a near-death motor bike accident. This is when he dove into hospitality, as it were. Now he works at an investment firm but instead of being at the front line, he focuses more on the inner workings, software development, and operations of such a company. On the side, he is building a new business as well. He really is a hero! To me anyway… I am so happy to watch his dreams come true. It’s been a couple years since his accident. He has done some great things since, don’t get me wrong, but seeing him go further each day and realise more goals just makes me so happy, and most importantly, it makes HIM happy!




To make a long and exciting story short, I wanted to write this post to talk about how grateful I am for the time I have had in London so far. It has not always been easy, but it’s been incredible, challenging, exciting, scary, and rewarding all at once. Most of all, it’s been filled with LOVE. Love between me and Tomas. Love for London. Love for our friends. Love for life. For this, we are eternally grateful.


Thank you for reading my cheesy story…


Happy living!

Gen x






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