Breath Yoga. Feel Yoga. Sing Yoga. Dance Yoga. Play Yoga. Love Yoga.

Can you tell what my post is about? ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey everyone and happy Saturday! On this post for “Today on my Yoga mat” I will discuss what, to me, truly has no words. Obviously, as one does, I will try to offer some words, but to be honest, the practice of Yoga is just so much more! I’m not in the habit of posting pictures of my practice, (so far anyway), but I filmed myself to keep track of my form, and I inspired myself! How silly is that? I watched the video and could feel the emotion, harmony, and peace I remember feeling, and yes, even the cover photo! ๐Ÿ™‚

It was my first practice of the day…

That feeling you get when you roll out your mat for the first time in the morning (or whenever). The moment you stand in Tadasana just to ground and connect to the earth. As you flow through your Sun Salutations, you can feel your breath change, your muscles awaken, and your heart fill with light. As you warm up, you can feel everything come together. As you allow yourself to be aware, still, and in harmony even through movement and change, you begin to encounter where your body resides in that given moment. How does it feel? What hurts? What is working harder today? What seems easier? How am I doing today? What am I feeling?

As you steady yourself in Uttatasana (forward fold happens to be one of my favourite poses to be in and I can stay there for ages), you begin to feel not only a stretch but a complete connection from the anchoring in your feet all the way to the crown of your head. The chakras are vibrant, Prana is flowing through the bandhas, and as you exhale… all is well. As you inhale, all is well. As you exhale… all it well…

When you get to Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward dog), it’s time to oil your spine some more, move around, find what works, feel what is needed, and fuel your body. Downward dog is one of my favourite poses as well!

Everything about Yoga is magical, unique, glorious, and divine.

No matter where your body is in the moment, no matter what you feel, no matter where you are in life, Yoga is always inside you and is always a part of you. Yoga is everything.

Don’t worry about anything else. Focus on your journey, your narrative, your work, your life. We cannot be anymore concerned or knowledgable about someone else’s journey as they can be about ours. Those thoughts should be like clouds passing by to you. They it is. Now it passes.

I encourage you to sit or lie down and watch the clouds, if you can. As you watch them go by, let each cloud mean something to you. Start with what you must eliminate. As the cloud passes, let it heal you that much more form the pain that you are now ridding yourself. Then move to your dreams, goals, joys, and things for which you are grateful. Allow each cloud to pass with one of those and as it does, also release it into the universe, trusting with your open heart.

Happy and blessed living!



Gen x


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