Coconut oil, sunshine, and Yoga…even in London! Feel the world’s energies…

Happy Friday everyone!


On of my favourite things to do is put coconut oil in my hair, and dry it under the sun. It’s made even better if I can do some meditation and/or Yoga at the same time. I also love to feel the heat of the sun under my feet, on the ground. I went for my usual run by the water today, came back and did my sunny thing!

Fellow Londoners, get out there and feel this absolutely wonderful weather! It’s back and in full swing. I couldn’t be happier with this vibe at the moment.

I know it may not be warm and sunny where you are, but I urge you to smell the air anyway. IT’S SPRING! Or maybe it’s the beginning of another season where you are. Either way, get out there and welcome the cycle of the seasons. Sit outside, walk along the water (my favourite thing to do here!), let the sun warm you and connect with it wholeheartedly. The sun and moon are everything. I cannot express enough how much love and power they both make me feel inside. It’s a magnificent phenomenon.

I won’t carry on very long in this one, y’all, but I will tell you this: feel life’s energies. Let them nourish you. Let them heal you. Let them be there for you and embrace you with love, light, and power. You are the source of what you need. FUEL YOUR SOURCE!


My favourite kind of Sun Salutation ๐Ÿ˜‰



Happy and blessed living!


Write soon,

Gen x


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