Organise Your Life: Time Management, Details, and Mindfulness

One of my Yoga teachers has three children, owns a major Law firm in London with two other partners, and has a Yoga teaching business. Another friend of mine from High School graduated from her degree in Sciences, is completing her Master’s, has trained to be a Personal Trainer, Specialised Movement coach, and has her own Fitness and Health business. Another friend of mine has 2 children, lost her high school sweet heart after 20 years together to cancer after the kids turned 2, runs her business, and has another job. The point is, we all have different lives and it’s not meant to compare, it’s just meant to inspire. We all come from different walks of life and we need to make the best of it. We cannot compare. We are all unique and so should our journeys be. But we can live the life that is best FOR US. So I hope this will help inspire you to start.


So today we will discuss how to organise your life so that you can get all that you want done. There is a way to stay on top of everything and avoid going crazy. I’m not saying that you will solve all your problems, but you will create the frame work for being able to take control of your life, allows yourself the strength to let go, and let yourself have the space you need to work on yourself and your life. For in-depth coaching and counselling please contact me directly with the form at the end of this post. This article in no way replaces or stands as mental health care or formal coaching. These are just tips and advice. For referrals and formal help, please contact.


Now, let’s dive in!

Why is it tricky to stay on top of things and organise your life? Because it just spirals out of control. You have so much going on, you can’t even sort out what you have going on. But here’s the trick. You MUST!

I don’t even want to hear an objection. Make. The. Time. Stop panicking right now. Right now. We drive ourselves crazy all day if we allow. So the least you can do for yourself is relax and take this time.


  1. Time Management: Let me give you an example. Here is my time management system.   I have new Units for my Master’s every two weeks and three months per Module. This means, I can dedicate a whole week to my studies after work and complete my lectures, research, and assignments. Now, i know that doesn’t sound “fun” because it means I can’t have happy hour every day, but don’t worry, I still enjoy life. That’s what the Mindfulness section is for. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then, I have Yoga intensive trainings every second weekend which alternates perfectly with grad school so i can do the following: Week 1: work and Grad School. Week 2: Yoga intensive weekends + Yoga studies, Anatomy studies, Therapy Trainings, Therapy Practicum, and so on. Now, of course there is some overlap, and you will naturally get into a routine, but the idea is there. Simple keep track of you deadlines, plan your work accordingly, and make sure you reserve time for each focus every day or over second day. (in some cases, every other day is fine too).
    • Another way to keep track is like this: Calculate the amount of hours in a week, subtract your desired hours of sleep, then deduct your set hours spent on work, studies, and so on, then see what you have left for the rest and manage that accordingly. In our case, we manage to keep it manageable, but I have also made the decision to quit my job because the business is growing too much. This is fantastic but I also had to make a decision. I will be under another insurance plan starting June 30th, so the timing is perfect. I also had to give 2 months notice. Now I can focus fully on my business, my Master’s, and my writing/podcast.


2.   Details

Yeah there are important. Look at WHY you need WHAT you need. Eliminate what you can live without. Just life with savings: not everything is necessary and even less is that important. So be selective. Focus your time and energy. You are important and just “doing you” is important enough. Just being human is consuming enough nowadays. Having a family, focusing on your relationships, staying healthy, and all the rest, is a lot! I get it! So select what is important.

  • Create your “pizza of essential life parts” and leave one slice of pizza to the unknown/unplanned/undesirable. Because life has its own plans too..


3.   Mindfulness is the best part

Well, you guys, mindfulness is remembering to be present. This means that in all your moments, big small, happy, and sad, you promise yourself to be there. Be present. Be in it. Feel it. Let yourself have it. Remember to take the time to do what matters. Do what it is for you and your loved ones outside work or business. For example, my partner and I always wake up together, have our tea and/or coffee and take time to be together and enjoy the morning, rain or shine. We then work out, either together or separately depending on what we are doing. I tend to do my Yoga alone but we do some together depending on the day! Then we jump into work, and at night, we make some time to eat together, and if nothing else, give each other a kiss if one of us goes to bed before the other. When the other is asleep, we come close and cuddle. The point is, when we have to be apart, we make sure we act as though no distance exists. Normally, we spend most of our time together, fortunately. Most importantly, we have Date Night at least once per week! We have a minimum of one night per week to just be all about each other. But the take-away is that we make time for each other every day. We love each other unconditionally. We respect each other without fail. We are there for each other no matter what.

This is part of what I work on with my clients. We work on setting personalised goals either personally or in business. We build a plan based on assessment, analysis, and open conversation. You make it possible, together we make it happen!


Happy and blessed living!


Write soon,

Gen x



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