Happy 2nd Anniversary to 🌸 Everything Yoga, Everywhere Yoga ✈️ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 16th marked exactly two years since I started my blog. I am writing today because I want to thank each and every one of you again for being a part of my journey with me. Words cannot describe how grateful and humbled I am that anyone even reads my blog, let alone that you actually take the time to connect as well! You are all lovely people and beautiful writers. Thank you!

I wake up in the morning so excited to read what your minds put into words. I have gained a new sense of belief in myself and confidence in my writing, which is invaluable to me. It started with something as simply as starting a blog a couple years ago, clicking a few buttons, adding some photos, and writing some words. Today, it is something as complex and meaningful as sharing thoughts, unpacking emotions, belonging to a community, and feeling supported in my work, my bad days, through silly posts, and anytime I decide to put myself out there again.

Truly remarkable our the times when I’ve opened up and the comments were so gentle and kind. Or when some readers have themselves opened up, shared, and reached out to me. What a beautiful world to be able to belong to. What a privilege it is to be able to write freely, express our thoughts, and come together for this commonality that is to be human, feel emotions, and decide to write them out. We are able to create traces of our lives that are now a part of our tapestry, and our history.

So thank you. My heart is so full for you all!

Namaste! X

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