Yoga: Taking it beyond the mat. How can we find OUR Yoga and what can we learn from Yoga?

Whilst Yoga does have a very physical aspect to it, which is the Yoga most of us have come to know, there are many principles to this practice that we can take with us beyond the mat! That’s what today is about.

As always, I encourage you to share ways in which you have taken your practice beyond the mat. This may have been a conscious choice, or you have found that it snuck up on your, or you realised when you looked back. Either way, if you want to contribute to this discussion in any way, please do!

You can also tune into the corresponding Podcast episode to hear what I touched on this week.

The first way I think of is through H.A.P.P.Y

H: Humour. Sometimes just not taking ourselves and life so seriously can help relieve the tensions that live inside us so we can cultivate more ease and peace in our existence. Just smiling alone to yourself. OR try simply smiling more in one day. Being more welcoming and warm with people around us, even strangers.

A: Acceptance. Accepting who we are, where we are, and everything that flows through us. We can extent that same curtesy to others. We can be kind and compassionate toward others because we don’t know where they are in their journey, we merely react to where our journey intersects with theirs. Accept what is before anything else.

P: Participating mind. The ability to be rational and investigate our thoughts and emotions with kindness. Turning off thought is not the point, nor it is possible. However, creating space between thoughts, and creating space between ourselves and our thoughts, is the aim and is possible. Don’T resist the mind, don’T shy away from the mind, work with the mind. Control the brain, utilise the mind, follow your heart.

P: Patience. Being patient with ourselves and others in life is something that is hard to achieve, especially nowadays. We are always on the look out for “more”, “new”, “desire”, “tomorrow”. What about today? What about now? What about every moment that is not only meaningful in its own right, but is also the ONLY way to those later thoughts? Once we realise that, we can live in the moment and cherish every instant. Every breath. With patience, we can foster the mindfulness that is necessary in order to notice and pay attention to the transitions from one moment to another. We can also notice the humorous sides of different equations.

Y: Your own. Bringing it back to yourself. Being in alignment with yourself, your values, your intentions. When we tune into ourselves and connect inside, we can then share that light with others and grow the connection to create community.


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🌸 Evealuna 🌊 Mindful Wellbeing, Peaceful Living…


10 Replies to “Yoga: Taking it beyond the mat. How can we find OUR Yoga and what can we learn from Yoga?”

      1. I am working with RA and getting my strengths back. I have water retention in my legs which often won’t allow me to sit on the floor (get down there or be able to back back up alone). The arthritis moves constantly and my hands and wrists are affected which makes it hard to push up. I can’t put my arms behind my back and even dressing can become a chore and challenge. Currently I can’t make a fist with my left hand and hope to get better. Thank you for being there and your kindness to help. You are amazing dear friend. ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you for sharing, it means a lot. I’m sorry you are in pain. It’s clear that you have so much strength and courage so I am sending you energy to help keep you going. If you ever have any questions please reach out. You’re the amazing one! 💛


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