Hey everyone and Welcome!

My name is Gen and I am a writer, health and wellness business owner, and student from Montreal, Canada, based in London, England.I have a deep love of yoga, travel, academia, art, and staying active, not only with sports, but with causes such as wildlife and environmental conservation. I have decided to create a space where all these loves could come together. This blog has been designed and curated for me to share my experiences with you. Most of all, I want to create an open and safe platform. There may or may not be a Podcast and/or YouTube channel come up…

Stay tuned on my website (still under construction)… https://genevealunab.wixsite.com/website

A bit about me…

I have a double Major in Art History and Psychology, and my Collegiate in Music (Cello).  I moved to London to attend Law School, however, instead of moving forward with a career in Law, I decided to attend Business School in order to get my dual MA and MSc. in Luxury Brand Strategy/Management and Business Law. Next, I would like to complete my Master’s in Psychology, but time will tell…

Back home, in Montreal, I had my own private education and counselling practice and I worked with people of all ages for a variety of different needs, including but not limited to academic education, special needs education, and counselling. I’ve also taught music, ballet, and coached soccer. I was Associate Editor of my University Faculty Journal and a member of the Faculty Coucil Chair. I wrote for different journals about arts and culture, psychology and counselling, and of course, health and wellness.

                                               After an awakening of sorts… again… 

Since then, I’ve travelled to nearly 50 countries, moved to London, fallen in love, and created a life in which there is harmony, love, and peace. Most of all, I found the courage to bounce back and move on from pain. I have followed my dreams, achieved some of my goals, and finally decided to become a Yoga Instructor, Life and Health Coach, and launch my own indie cosmetic line of organic beauty products that I make by hand and from home with recipes based on years of research and experimentation. I have created a small health and wellness lagoon, if you will. This was the expansion of the beauty line, into a holistic health and wellness business.

Here is: Evealuna – Mindful Wellness – Peaceful Living… where you can find my indie beauty line Evealuna – Natural Cosmetics – Treasures of the earth and sea for mindfully organic beauty. Yoga and meditation classes, workshops, coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, wellness talk, and many other topics!

Ok that’s enough about me. Welcome to Everything Yoga, Everywhere Yoga XX

P.S. I speak English, French, Italian and Spanish, so feel free to request translations or to contact me in any one of those languages! I am also currently learning Croatian, so to those of you who speak, help me learn please…:)

Thank you 🙂

How it all started