Evealuna – Mindful Wellbeing – Peaceful Living

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β™‘ Mindfulness in Mental Health and in Movement…
β™‘ Treasures from around the world for earth, sea, and spiritual connection…
β™‘ Combining nature and science…
β™‘ It’s a philosophy. It’s a lifestyle.
It’s everything, everywhere…

It began with a blog about my travels around the world. Then, a cosmetic line that I started in my kitchen, and grew into an indie beauty business made with natural ingredients based on years of research and experimentation with treasures from around the world. Now it has grown to a well-rounded, balanced health and wellbeing cocoon.

I am a writer, a certified Yoga Instructor, Therapeutic Coach, and trainee Yoga Therapist based in London, England, originally from Montreal, Canada. With a background in Psychology, extensive graduate research, and continuous studies in Yoga, Meditation, Therapy, and Mindfulness Psychology, I work with Yoga in athletic perspectives and to overcome heartbreak, grief, and trauma.

My focus is Mindfulness in Mental Health and in Movement. I offer a holistic and therapeutic approach in my work, helping you design a healthy and balanced lifestyle filled with harmony and peace. I incorporate an anatomy-focused foundation, then shift toward a mindfully psychological approach, and open everything up for a spiritual connection. I will help you connect with your truest self, unlock everything you have to offer, and live a healthy life you are happy to live. We all want to live more fully and mindfully. We all want to learn. We all want to connect. So let’s work together!

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