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Your Zen is who you are and your Genius is what you do. Here’s the equation:

Tap in to who you are + Connect it with what you do = MAGIC!

I’m Gen, I’m the CEO of Evealuna.

I’m a certified Yoga Instructor and Therapeutic Coach. My work is holistic and therapeutic focusing on Mindfulness in Mental Health and in Movement. I’m an expert in balancing your zen (mindfulness of everything you are) and your genius (living fully everywhere you go) so you can grow yourself and your business.

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They say that being able to master your mind will allow you to master your life. Yoga is about the restraint of the mind’s fluctuations. When you still the mind, you can navigate life more freely and mindfully in order to arrive to a place of harmony and peace. You can do so through movement or by staying still. The challenge is doing so through pain, resistance, fear, judgment, grief, or heartbreak. That’s where Evealuna comes in:

Evealuna’s practices and teachings take into account who YOU are.

Evealuna is a space for you to show up, speak up, and live up.
No one on this earth is you.
Absolutely no one can fill the space and fulfil the purpose that you can.


Whether on the mat or off the mat, Evealuna incorporates an anatomy-focused foundation, then shifts toward a mindfully psychological approach, and opens everything up so you can finally live with intention and purpose. We all want to be happy. We all want to love our lives. We all want to know how. We all want to connect. So let’s go.

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Forget anyone else for a moment. Just think of yourself. Who are you? What are your dreams? How can you start living the life that you choose and that is right for you?

We don’t want you to shut off your desires anymore or rationalise things so that you can have an excuse to stay where you are. Or worse, that you don’t feel you are worthy of moving out of where you are. You have to know that you can and that you will. Period.

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