Health and Wellbeing: Mind and Spirit

βœ‘ With Spring upon us, it is time for an alternative form of Spring Cleaning: Mental and Emotional Spring Cleaning!

βœ‘ Bringing it back to yourself and loving it: Living your best life through the healthy and the unhealthy moments…

βœ‘ The Mindful Home Continued

βœ‘ The Mindful Home: remedies, recipes, infusions, and more…

βœ‘ Princess Beauty Treatment (NEW) Naturally Organic and Zero-Waste

βœ‘ Wellbeing of the Earth and Sea: A beginner’s guide to zero-waste living

βœ‘ Herbal Magic, Crystal Power, and Seashell Love…all those darlings and honey!

βœ‘ It’s that time of year! Cozy up with a cup of tea or cocoa, wear your knitted jumpers and socks, bring out your winter pyjamas, and mind your immune system!

βœ‘ Princess Beauty TreatmentΒ