⤐ Mindfulness in Mental Health and in Movement.

⤐ Balance your Zen and your Genius.

⤐ Live fully by living mindfully. 

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You can call me Gen, Genny, or Gigi; they all work!

I’m the CEO of Evealuna. I’m also a Yoga Instructor, a Therapeutic Coach, a blogger, a podcaster, and an entrepreneur.

I’m here to help you balance your zen and your genius.


Your Zen is about who you are. Your Genius is about what you do.

Here’s the equation: 

Tap into who you are + Connect it with what you do = MAGIC! 

Evealuna is about tapping into our state of being and realising what we can do. The bridge between the two is a connection through mindfulness and healing. I help people all over the world live more fully by living more mindfully.

I do so through Yoga, Education, and Coaching. 

Feel your feelings. Shed the shame. Face your fears. 


I’m from Montreal, Canada and I moved to London after a cheeky trip around the world with the goal of studying Law and working corporate. I have since left that, and am now fully committed to my business, still travelling the world, and building a community that supports each other and is devoted to helping others.

How? Because I understand what it’s like to struggle personally and with my business. I know how it feels to play small and be ashamed and/or afraid to dream big and make things happen. Most of all, I know what it’s like to leave a life behind and create one from scratch. You know what you need to create for yourself but you’re not sure how to do it. So all that stops here. It’s time to take action.

You are already the change you can be in this world. I want you to connect with it. 




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