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Holistic Therapy

Yoga Therapy and Therapeutic Coaching

I’m a Therapeutic Coach and Trainee Yoga Therapist. My focus is to combine Mindfulness with Movement and Mental Health to provide you with a holistic and therapeutic approach, method, and solution. This may be in your life overall, or perhaps with relationships, spirituality, your health, or your business. I want you to live a life you love and that you are happy living. Together, we will design your healthiest and most fulfilling life, and you will realise it.

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Yoga on Deck

Yoga and Surf Yoga

Private, semi-private, classes, and workshops

Be it on land or in the water, Yoga is rich in essentials for the mind, body, and soul; whether you are feeling a flow, or in need of a more restorative practice. My teaching is based on the philosophy of examining the anatomy and physical aspects of Yoga, exploring the emotional and mental perspectives, and joining forces with spirituality for a sound and balanced practice.

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Yoga at Home

Breathing and Healing

Pranayama, Meditation, Chakra Healing, and Earth Energy

Develop self-awareness whilst you cultivate love and kindness through pranayama and meditation practices. Learn different techniques and meditations, or create your own, to realise tranquility. Most of all, utilise the power from within and around to heal. The only way out is through, so with humility, acceptance, grace, and compassion we will awaken to find harmony and peace.

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