Out now! Episode 3: Zero-was te and reducing your carbon footprint. On Spotify and Apple!

Hello hello! πŸŽ™ Check out my new episode, out now! I still am a bit sniffly, as you will hear. I'm perfectly fine, but my nose has yet to get the memo. Also, with travelling and the changes in temperature, our sinus are going through a cleanse out here in the mountains of Slovakia! I …


Tune in to Evealuna on Spotify! I’m launching NOW!!

Tune is to Evealuna as we discuss Mindfulness in Mental Health in Movement. You can find me on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Breaker, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, and Apple Podasts. Today's episode is about balance. Balance between being and doing. Balance between what's in need of your attention and what isn't. Most of all, it's …


Just a friendly reminder that love is all you need. Love for yourself. Love for who you are. Love for what you do. Love for those who love you. Love for those gone. Love for all. Love for everything. Love for your love. This was my set intention for practice... Namaste