Today on my Yoga mat

βœ‘ Namaste!

βœ‘ This is my Yoga.

βœ‘ Yoga Topic: Developing your teacher’s eye. (Complete with my Ballet warm-up routine video and photos).

βœ‘ Breath Yoga. Feel Yoga. Sing Yoga. Dance Yoga. Play Yoga. Love Yoga.

βœ‘ The importance of internal work versus external appearance in Yoga: The Bandhas and their others.

βœ‘ The magic of Yoga and how every moment is beautiful, even in moments when you think you’re less than… or when your’re in your boyfriend’s boxers.

βœ‘ Yoga topic: Thinking too much about where you are not and less about where you are and what you can do to make your practice matter.

βœ‘ Sorrow to Sun Salutation. Pain to Pranayama.

βœ‘ Here and Now. Gentle and Present. Today and Everyday.

βœ‘ Your existence, your soul.

βœ‘ The space between you and the sun…

βœ‘ Creating your own Yoga practice