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βœ‘ Mindful Travel: Reducing your carbon footprint whilst travelling

βœ‘ A Guide to Moving to Another Country!

βœ‘ The Essentials of Solo Female Travel (VIDEO included!)

βœ‘ For the Love of London Part II: Living in London

βœ‘ For the love of London: From Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, to St. James and Hyde Park, to its lovely villages, brilliant districts, and of course, its Northern Sea-derived, salt-watered River Thames…

βœ‘ Why London is one of my greatest loves, despite heartbreak, loss, and various affairs around the world. (Happy Anniversary to me and Lalalilondon)

βœ‘ Memories, like the corners of my mind… or the corners of a book… or the world.

βœ‘ Travelling was not what I thought it would be… A memoir of the true Everything Everywhere story.

βœ‘ Greetings from Ljubljana!

βœ‘ Cali for ya!: A guide to visiting California, driving its coast, and making the best stops…Β 

βœ‘ Iceland… A definite MUST

βœ‘ Travel tries to teach me to let go

βœ‘ My Affairs in France… and with FranceΒ 

βœ‘ Travelling Unpacked

βœ‘ Asia 2016: China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam. Singapore, Malaysia, and Bali

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Post-travel blues…

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